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Our Concept

We, companies with many years of experience in Norway, have created a premium-class product that you cannot remain indifferent to. This is your home, where you and your family will feel comfortable, cozy, and at the same time surrounded by nature. Everyone will find something they like. The 150 and more square meter house is built using the best materials, where every detail is carefully considered. Complete execution of the exterior and interior. You won't have to worry about anything. All that is required of you is to take the keys to your new home and enjoy your time in a wonderful place.



Unique Hytter will guarantee comfort and coziness of living surrounded by nature. Only exceptional quality and certified materials are used for house construction and the final result is recognized by clients. We utilize technology to provide clients with numerous options to exercise responsible attitude towards natural resources. The long-term experience of the multifunctional team of professionals - architects, designers, constructors and project managers adhere to the the highest possible standards of business partnership and reliability.

Exceptional Quality

“Unike Hytter” enters the landscape of mountain cabins with numerous qualities and features. The project stands out in the market and appeals to open minded and traditions respecting people who are ready to experience:
• style,
• comfort,
• benefits of technology,
• sustainable approach towards environment,
• a subtle introduction of tradition in innovative design
All features are created for memorable experiences.

Respect Towards Nature And People

We strive to minimize the footprint by:
• Selecting long-lasting natural materials for construction, interior design, furniture.
• We select and give the second life to materials for construction and interior installation.
• Ecological materials prevail in the house construction and interior design.
• All materials can be reused after the active cycle of the house exploitation.
• Fast and smooth construction process, mindful and environmentally friendly approach with limited construction waste thus less impact on the environment.

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